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New Consignment Vintage

New Consignment Vintage

New Consignment VintageNew Consignment VintageNew Consignment Vintage

Fall 2019 update


We are currently DONE taking consignment for the 2019 Fall/Winter season!

Please check back in with us in  March 2020  to set up appointments for our Spring/Summer 2020 season. If you are current consignor you have until 03/16/20 to pick up your remaining consignment before if it donated to various charities. Thank you for the great season! We will start taking appointments March 1st for our bi-weekly drop off schedule.

Consignment information

Interested in becoming a consignor??

Here's the scoop! Each prospective consignor drops everything off (clean and folded) in a closable bag. Please include your name, phone number and email address (securely attached to each bag). 

We then go through each item and create an account for you. We do everything by season: Fall/Winter then Spring/Summer. We are currently entering Spring/Summer 2020. Once your items are checked in, you can keep track of all items listed on our consignment software. Your account on our consignment software is where you will see all your items, pricing, sales and current balance. Cool yeah?

Our mission is to make you guys some money, so things are marked at a fair price and marked to sell. We don't want this to be a museum. 

All items sold are a 50/50 spilt.

Want your hard earned dollars? Store credit is available at any time & Pay-outs are available every Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

If you'd like to consign with us, give us a call to set up an appointment



Consignment terms


STUFF WE TAKE: Spring/Summer 2020

  • T-shirts/ Band Tees/Graphic Tees
  • Dresses(non formal)
  • Free People/Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters etc
  • Music Memorabilia 
  • Wrestling/Sci-Fi/Horror Stuff
  • Funky accessories(belts, scarves, hats)
  • Cowboy Boots, Combat Boots, Doc Martins
  • Denium jackets & Vests
  • Mens(shirts, button downs, polos, pants, shorts & shoes)
  • Summer shoes/sandals(must be in good shape)
  • Weird Art/ Collectables
  • Wallets, Change Purses, Clutches, Handbags, Purses
  • Backpacks
  • Shorts, Rompers & Jumpsuits
  • Costume Jewelry(necklaces and bracelets only)
  • Vans, Converse Sneakers(must be in great shape)
  • ONLY Levis, Wrangler & Free People Denim

STUFF WE DO NOT TAKE: Spring/Summer 2020

  • No Mens Suits
  • No Athletic Wear
  • No Swimwear
  • No Undergarments 
  • No Gym Sneakers
  • No Winter Boots
  • No Earrings/Rings
  • No Denim
  • No Leggings
  • No Leather/Fur
  • No Sweaters
  • No Coats/Jackets

Consignment DISCLAIMER


If for any reason, we see any  damage, pet hair or odor to an item we will discard or donate at our discretion. As well as if the items are out of season or do not fit our requirements listed above. At the end of the Spring/Summer Season  (09/16/20) you may pull and pick up your items. If you do not pick up your items before this date the items will then be then become store stock and donated to various charities. Rebel Supply is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.