the girls

Casey White


Our fearless leader. Rebel's back bone. Lover of all things Disney. Master in all WWE facts and plot lines.  Badass Mama to Stan & Jules.

Abby Rhode


Rebel girl by day. Make up artist by trade. Lover of Levon Helm & and every contestant of Rupaul's Drag Race. 

Sarah Smith


Our very own vampy Rebel goddess. Lover of a matte lip, indie dramas, dark comedies  & all around smoke show. But her talent behind the lens is unmatched.

Stacy Lee


Rebel Gal. Tattooded Lady Love. Master of fishnets & champagne.  Craftsman of the most beautiful handmade custom jewelry on the planet.



Super service dog in training. Lover of snacks & his best pal Stan. Likes: pats, snuggles, food & doggo friends. Dislikes: cars, boxes & fire alarms.

Christina A


 Our beloved commie Rebel girl.  Talented pianist. Drawer of pristine chalkboards. Painter of beautiful scenes. Graphic designer extraordinaire.  Lover of all things potato.  This babeilious Russian is overflowing with talent.